The Morning Star Association

was founded in 1991. Following our vision, we work as an interdenominational association in Russia. An important part of our work consists of evangelistic trips, where we are also able to provide material help. In addition, we organise bazaars, Sabbath meals and other fund raising events.

Trips to East European Countries

We organise aiding trips to Russia, Estonia, Poland, Siberia and Ukraine. Russia is a destination we visit fairly regularly -- an average of six journeys by bus annually, while trips to other destinations are organised occasionally. Usually we have material aid with us for donating to orphanages, hospitals and local churches.

Other Activities

Your work also includes other forms of charity. When possible, The Morning Star supports people working among the gospel in different countries and collaborates with other organisations. People from various parts of Finland take part in our activities. We visit churches to inform people about the work we do and share about the vision we are called to follow.